One-Day Seminar in

Surround Sound In Cars

Learn how to meet user expectations of surround systems

  • Technically correct surround for music and film
  • Historical and present formats for surround
  • Upmix methods to simulate surround from stereo
  • Adapting surround to the automobile cabin
  • Review of commercial algorithms for cars

Price: $795.00 per person with discounts available for multiple delegates and multiple seminars


Instructed by David Clark, president of DLC Design. Mr. Clark brings 40 years of audio experience to the classroom. Initially, he worked in pro audio designing equipment and recording studios. DLC Design was started and work moved into automotive audio for OEMs and suppliers worldwide.

Mr. Clark has published numerous papers in scientific journals and consumer magazines. He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and he is Chair of the Technical Committee for Loudspeakers and Headphones.

Surround Sound is a "checkbox" feature on uplevel car audio systems, but what is it? This seminar looks at current offerings and future possibilities.

Outline of Surround Sound Seminar

  • Demo of the differing goals of surround content providers: Atmosphere, Surrounding Images, Motion
  • The ideal surround sound system
  • LiT evaluation attributes applied to surround sound
  • The center image and center-speaker issue
  • Upmixing stereo to surround, downmixing surround to stereo and back again
  • Bass management and the “point one” channel
  • Why SACD and DVDA failed in the market
  • Listening to artifacts of commercial algorithms
  • Questions, listening requests and wrap-up

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