One-Day Seminar in

Speakers For Car Audio

Specifying, designing and testing OEM automotive speakers for best performance/price ratio

  • Defining the moving-coil speaker by parts and parameters
  • Woofers, mids, tweeters and fullranges
  • Woofer tradeoff matrix manipulation to make bass for low cost
  • State of the art measurement techniques
  • Directivity control and imaging requirements

Price: $795.00 per person with discounts available for multiple delegates and multiple seminars


Instructed by David Clark, president of DLC Design. Mr. Clark brings 40 years of audio experience to the classroom. Initially, he worked in pro audio designing equipment and recording studios. DLC Design was started and work moved into automotive audio for OEMs and suppliers worldwide.

Mr. Clark has published numerous papers in scientific journals and consumer magazines. He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and he is Chair of the Technical Committee for Loudspeakers and Headphones.

Speakers and their environments are the weak link in audio reproduction. This means that they offer the best opportunities for improving system performance/cost ratio. The seminar studies DSP-speaker interaction to solve automotive audio problems

Outline of Speaker Seminar

  • Introduction and short history of the loudspeaker
  • Parts of a loudspeaker, how they are assembled and what can go wrong
  • Specifying with parameters to maximize performance and minimize cost
  • Setting goals and lab measurements to verify performance
  • Production testing to make sure speakers are built right
  • Some “tricks” to get better bass without the sacrifice
  • Distribution and imaging requirements in the automotive cabin
  • What can equalization fix?
  • Integrating speakers into the cabin, DSP and amplifier system

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