One-Day Seminar in


Understanding perception of audio reproduction in automobiles

  • Perception of Pitch, Loudness and Timing. Simple and complex sounds
  • How we hear direction in live and reproduced sound
  • Critical issues of reproduction and not so important issues
  • Combating masking by road noise
  • Using psychoacoustics as a design tool

Price: $795.00 per person with discounts available for multiple delegates and multiple seminars


Instructed by David Clark, president of DLC Design. Mr. Clark brings 40 years of audio experience to the classroom. Initially, he worked in pro audio designing equipment and recording studios. DLC Design was started and work moved into automotive audio for OEMs and suppliers worldwide.

Mr. Clark has published numerous papers in scientific journals and consumer magazines. He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and he is Chair of the Technical Committee for Loudspeakers and Headphones.

Psychoacoustics is key to understanding the end user. Our auditory system evolved over millions of years as a survival mechanism. Now, music tastes may vary, but in the end our psychoacoustic needs must be met.

Outline of Psychoacoustics Seminar

  • Introduction and application goals of seminar
  • Ear-brain mechanism and limits of hearing
  • Masking of sounds: critical bands
  • How we hear spatial attributes
  • Demo of amplitude-time trading in localization
  • Demo of controlling perception of distance
  • Correction of image height by equalization
  • Demo of de-reverberation of the listening environment
  • Measuring spatial attributes of a car sound system
  • Meeting the challenges of car cabin acoustics
  • Summary and future directions

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