One-Day Seminar in

Listening Technology

Learn the critical listening skills for evaluation of automotive audio systems

  • Predict user satisfaction on a 1 to 5 scale
  • Identify aspects of performance: Tonal Balance, Stage, Imaging, Ambience, Dynamics and Distortion
  • Learn to control listener bias
  • Classroom and vehicle practice
  • Includes test CD and scoring software

Price: $795.00 per person with discounts available for multiple delegates and multiple seminars


Instructed by David Clark, president of DLC Design. Mr. Clark brings 40 years of audio experience to the classroom. Initially, he worked in pro audio designing equipment and recording studios. DLC Design was started and work moved into automotive audio for OEMs and suppliers worldwide.

Mr. Clark has published numerous papers in scientific journals and consumer magazines. He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and he is Chair of the Technical Committee for Loudspeakers and Headphones.

Listening Technology seminar was first given in 1987 and has been presented continuously since then to approximately 4000 engineers, marketers and managers. It is the de-facto standard for subjective rating of automotive audio systems.

Outline of Listening Technology Seminar

  • Introduction and statement of the goal of LiT
  • Listener bias and steps to control it
  • Tonal Balance: Identification of problems heard in classroom presentation
  • Soundstage, Imaging and Ambience: Comparing to the reference sound system
  • Dynamics and Distortion: High-volume distortions, masking due to road noise
  • Psychoacoustic basis of annoying problems
  • Assigning rating numbers to an "inadequate" system in the classroom
  • Using the spreadsheet to combine attribute scores into the “bottom line” rating
  • Practice in real vehicles in parking lot
  • Discussion and wrap-up

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